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BUS 4406 Case Study 2 University of the People

Ritz-Carlton, a household name that many people give this hotel company a near-mythic status in the industry, not only because it has always been a model of offering superb service, customers approval along with winning twice of the Baldrige award also enable the organization to take an invincible lead in the world market.

1. in what ways could the Ritz-Carlton monitor its success in achieving quality? What exactly should they check? (Use your experience, common sense, and, if needed, assumptions-if using assumptions, state them explicitly.)

Interestingly enough, it is coincidental that I am a hotel practitioner by profession, hence I find this case study both illuminating and profoundly significant as it poses some challenging questions. I think there are two ways that Ritz-Carlton could monitor its success in achieving quality: facts and figures, which means every Ritz property must have previous statistics for comparison. In my view, a high proportion of repeated guests can validate its superlative quality service. Meanwhile, a regular survey that was carried out by a third-party consultant would also aid Ritz in understanding its place in the customers ' heart.

On the one hand, I have direct experience of participating customer satisfaction survey in everyday life, as a consumer, if I frequent a same shop or restaurant, I will rely on its products and services heavily that I almost never take the

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