Case Study: S/O EMT Perez

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On 8/1/2015 S/O EMT Perez was dispatched to FC-609 regarding a fall. S/O EMT Perez announced hispresnece and knocked at the door and was verbally greeted in by the resident. The fallen resident, a Mrs. Ida Looney stated she lost her balance and fell while trying to get up from the living room couch and was unable to get up on her own strength, Mrs. Looney was on the couch by the time S/O EMT Perez arrived. Mrs. Looney stated that; she was unaware of any change in medications nor was she aware that she was on any blood thinners, She did recall and remember the fall and was unaware and or could not recolect weather or not she was seeing a doctor here at riderwood. Mrs. Looney seemed to be a bit complacent mentally to which her spouse said was

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