Case Study: SWOT Analysis Of Pepsico

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PepsiCo SWOT 1. Introduction PepsiCo is a US-based world-renowned multinational company, and its net revenues are more than $ 66.6 billion in 2014. PepsiCo's total assets of about $ 15.1 billion, the highest in the world's large enterprises No. 75, which has a staff of 26.6 million people. The company is headquartered in New York City. PepsiCo is a world leader in convenient snacks, foods and beverages (Jurevicius, 2013). Pepsi is a successful big business. It was born from 1898 has been 100 years of history, during which also on the verge of bankruptcy, struggling to survive, but after all still a success. PepsiCo consists of Pepsi-Cola brands, Frito-Lay Brands, Tropicana Brands, Quaker Brands, and Gatorade Brands (PepsiCo: Introduction,…show more content…
As the number of overseas buy Pepsi products per capita is still very low, PepsiCo should actively expand existing businesses, mergers and acquisitions in the global market and its other brands. PepsiCo has agreed to acquire 66% of Wimm-Bill-Dann, Russia's leading branded food-and-beverage company, for $ 3.8 billion, pending the required government approvals (PepsiCo, 2010). 3.2 Strategies and Recommendations 3.2.1 Strengths/Opportunities PepsiCo has a strong strength of the company itself as well as centuries of historical background, as well as a huge marketing system and sales team, certainly in the market have dominated party strength. Thus, with such a background, Pepsi should win, the enterprise itself to increase and enhance the overall strength of the reform, development of technology and efficient production lines, the development of more products to capture the market, play the old brand, take advantage of the new international advantage , greater market space. 3.2.2 Weaknesses/Opportunities Coca-Cola is a major source of disadvantage in the marketplace better than Pepsi, Pepsi and Coca-Cola was inferior in many international honors, Pepsi should seize this opportunity to make the brand stronger, more in-depth consumer hearts, so that it can so that more businesses trust Pepsi, let the containers and shelves have more…show more content…
Thus, Pepsi to do is improve the overall strength, to seize any opportunity to not lose, upgrade and update products, especially to do prior to Coca-Cola, one step better than Coca-Cola, but also to play their true brand, so that consumers to pursue their own such a brand. 3.2.4 Weaknesses/Threats Given the current weakness, Pepsi must accelerate the pace of reform, update technology, improve production efficiency, and follow up product development, better than Coca-Cola to launch more new products in the market. PepsiCo to update future creative, introduce more new things, after all, today's consumers prefer the pursuit of new things, and make the brand more brand-name, this is one of today's consumers eager pursuit. 4. Conclusion After more than a century of fierce market competition, PepsiCo has gone from expansion to contraction, from specialization to diversification and then to specialization, as well as the development of several business

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