Case Study Sandra And Juan In A Physician Clinic

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As the leader of Sandra and Juan in a physician clinic I would help then select the best matrix of quality improvement by detailing what needs to be changed, who needs to be involved and what are the goals. In a practice one encounters a variety of workforce that have a vast array of experience, therefore a system that is easy to understand but generates synergy would be the best mix to transform the clinic toward total quality improvement. However, prior to selecting any system I would instruct Sandra and Juan to perform a step-by-step process of establishing a quality council, develop a statement of responsibilities and ensure infrastructure is in place to ensure quality improvement because without these essential steps it will fail before it starts (Davis & Goetsch, 2010). The Institute for Healthcare Improvements had developed a quality management model…show more content…
The Six Sigma is a popular and data driven, customer-centered approach and methodology applicable to health care with its step-by-step DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve & control) process that draws upon a strong infrastructure but the certification process is quite rigorous (Davis & Goetsch, 2010). However the LEAN process incorporates aspects of Kaizen, TPS, and just-in-time is focused on removing waste (i.e. non-value-added activities) while meeting or exceeding predefined standards (Martin, 2007). Lean provides a total system approach but is short on details where Six Sigma offers fewer standard solutions but provides a general framework for problem solving while the Kaizen helps organize the work space, therefore a matrix of the systems would be appropriate, but any single quality management models is only a means to the end and the end is enhancing total quality (Martin, 2007). Therefore as the leader of the physician clinic a plan would be formalized to gather data, develop a quality council and develop a matrix of the Six Sigma, Lean & Kaizen to move the clinic toward total quality
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