Case Study Saundra Santiago

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Case Study: Saundra Santiago
Please respond to the discussion questions below. Leave the question in bold and respond in regular 12size font.

Discussion Questions

1. Is Saundra’s action of leaving the shelter atypical? Why or why not?
Her action was actually typical. Many abused women return to their abusers because they are seeking attention, like Saundra was, and they feel like their abusers are the only ones that will give them the attention they want. Many women think that it is easier to stay with the abuser because they provide them with monetary things as well and they also convince themselves that it is their fault for the abuse. With these factors in play Saundra admitted on a few instances she felt at fault. She left because
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Saundra says Kyle loves children. But Saundra also said that Kyle abused her and accused her of cheating when he discovered she was taking birth control. But from what information we do have I believe that Kyle would see this as an opportunity to control Saundra more and he would use the baby as collateral to get Saundra to do what he wants. He may still be physically abusive, but in a way to not harm the baby only to control Saundra.

3. What is the purpose of having the wide array of “solutions” available (emergency shelter, financial aid, support groups etc.)? Would not shelter be enough?
The purpose of having multiple “solutions” is to allow the person (Saundra and other woman) to choice what they think is best for them. Many do not want to be in a shelter because they have been trying to make it on their own for a while and they still want to do that so having support for woman like that it still gives them resources to do what is best for them.
A shelter is not enough because it does not give the person, in this case the abused woman freedom to take control of their own lives. They are already seeking help from being controlled and abused and if they are told “THIS IS THE ONLY WAY” they may not want to seek help because they are already abused by being controlled. Offering a variety of solutions lets them decide how they will overcome their
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Judy chose this response because she wants to know why Saundra feels the way she does. I think that is was effective because she didn’t respond with something like “Yes, Saundra you belong here” Judy allowed Saundra to express her feelings behind this comment.
Judy: “Did I lose you Saundra? What are you thinking?”
Judy is using FOCUSING. During the interview Saundra began to shut down and not be too responsive to what Judy was saying. Judy tried to get Saundra’s attention by asking is she lost her. I felt during this part of the interview that Judy was ineffective because Saundra began to get upset and Judy did not respond empathetically. For a few minutes Judy was missing the fact that Saundra was having a difficult time talking about it.
Judy “It sounds to me like you are doing something real positive right now. You seem to be opening up and trying to talk about where you are at this point. I think you are also admitting how hard it has been. You are sharing with others about how scared you are, and you are attending meetings and groups sessions. You are doing the right things for now. And soon, when you have more clarity and are less scared, and when you begin to trust the support around you here, you will be in a better position to decide what steps you need to take. But for now, you are doing just
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