Case Study: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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1.1.1 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a subset of SEM. SEO indeed helps our website rank well in organic search engine results. I have learned that in order to rank high for SEO, we need to create and publish excellent content. However, I realized there was an increasing trend for both Goggle and Facebook to value more visual content than written content.

I have also learnt to use keywords and keyword planer to analyse the competitiveness of a term/word in Goggle. It helped me to understand what terms/phrases consumers usually search when they want to buy insurance. Most importantly, negative keywords help us to reduce our SEO cost by preventing repetitive advertisements being shown up to the same audience. This is because Google
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I needed grow our subscriber base by providing them with regular, helpful content that’s aligned with their needs and interests. One of mine blogpost “My Intern-Entrepreneur Journey” had reached over 2000 users and was republished by Steven Tong, Managing Director at Startupbootcamp Asia.

Figure 2 Blogpost “My Intern-Entrepreneur Journey” Performance

1.1.3 eDM & AB Testing

I helped my founder in Mailchimp eDM content generation and email list management. It was the process of building an email database of both the existing users or potential users and send them communications or special offers directly. In three month, I have learned how to abstract our users’ database from PolicyPal’s dashboard and regularly update the mail list in Mailchimp. In addition, I also learned how to set up A/B testing campaign in order to send users the most effective and appealing email.

1.1.4 Outreach to Bloggers
I helped the company to outreach to insurance/ finance bloggers to ask them to promote our mobile App. I collected the bloggers’ email by visiting their blog and ask for their contact. However, the majority of the bloggers either did not reply us or request for a pay. We gave up because we could not afford it.

1.1.5 Forum
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I was afraid of my accented English at the start. However, I slowly learned that I should not be afraid of having accent, speak slowly and let people understand your point is more important

- Prepare for arguments. As an insurtech start-up, there are some typical questions that people will ask, for example, is your App safe to store my personal data? Why should I give you my personal information? Prepare for the answers and be confident in replying and expressing opinions.

I still remember in the first day of my internship, getting to talk to unknown people was a milestone. Today, I could bravely approach people and convince them to sign up without promising any gift. Most importantly, through on-ground marketing, I felt the pain point of our customers and knew what we should improve in order to better serve them.

1.2.2 On-Ground Campaigns
I have involved in all the on-ground event planning and execution process. One of the most successful campaigns I have undertaken was the iLight event. I came across the idea of giving out free light sticks at night event and suggested to my founder. She liked the idea and then I was appointed as the person in charge to design and liaise with the manufacturer. The iLight free light stick giveaway was a great success as we achieved nearly one thousand of Facebook

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