Case Study: Shangri La Hotel And Values

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1.1 Background and History
Mr. Robert Kuok, the founder of Kuok Group, started his business with sugarcane plantations in the year 1949. With his group of management consisting of Mr. Beau Kuok the Chairman, Mr Madhu Rao the Vice-Chairman and Mr. Greg Dogan the President and CEO, the first Shangri La Hotel was built in Singapore in the year 1971. (Wikipedia, 2015)

In 1982, Shangri La International Management Ltd (SLIM), who manages all of the hotels under Kuok Group, was set up. Whereas in the year 1997, Golden Circle was established. Golden Circle is the loyalty program of the hotels and initially only important people who were invited could be a member, but after the year 2010, everyone is entitled to join the membership. Recognized as one of the best in the industry, Golden Circle currently has almost three million members.

1.2 Brands by Shangri La

The Kuok Group not only manages hotels, they also handle other businesses such as real estate, beverages, newspaper publishing, mining and finance.

There are a total of five hotel brands under Shangri-La brand namely Kerry Hotels, Shangri-La Hotels, Shangri-La Resorts, Traders Hotel and Hotel Jen.

Shangri-La hotels are mostly five-star luxury hotels, whereas Kerry Hotels targets at business travellers looking for a more relaxed and lively environment. Formerly Traders Hotel, Hotel Jen was inspired by a virtual persona Jen, a professional hotelier who loves life, travel and

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