Case Study: Shape Up Australia

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H. Shape Up Australia is run by the Australian Government Department of Health which has a diverse set of responsibilities that can be generalised in their vision statement “Purpose: Better health and wellbeing for all Australians, now and for future generations”. Shape Up Australia provides the opportunity to ‘Partner with Shape Up’ and are working in partnership with co-branders to plan, organise and implement projects and activities that will ensure the successful implementation and continuation of Shape Up Australia.
The Australian Woman’s Weekly is currently teamed with Shape Up Australia as they are working to provide families with easy, healthy, quality recipes to ensure living a healthy lifestyle is as attractive and easy as possible.
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For example in the short term those following the Shape Up Australia program will benefit families by creating a sense of unity and positivity, men and woman aged 18-35 by assisting them in being able to change habits and live the rest of their lives in a healthier state and greater wellbeing, those 35 and over as a healthier wellbeing assists in providing a happier state of mind and more energy for everyday activities, for indigenous (as they are one of the most deprived groups in Australia) by ensuring they can get and stay healthy assisting in long term lifestyle changes (disease prevention, better wellbeing and attitude towards things such as employment and education) and to those aged under 18 by providing the foundations to which they should begin to live their life by and providing them with a positive attitude towards life (education in…show more content…
Strengthening Community Actions: Communities power to identify and implement actions directly addressing the healthy lifestyles of individuals plays a major role. Shape Up Australia acknowledges communities abilities to work as a unit by providing and setting health priorities, decisions and implementing strategies. Shape Up Australia emphasises the importance of changing lifestyles as a nation stating “As a nation, our waistlines are growing. Today, over 63% of Australian adults and one in four children are overweight or obese.”, this brings a sense of community and unity in working to improve overall
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