House Lesson Plan

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Content Area/Discipline: language arts/ math
Lesson Title: Shapes and houses
Estimated Duration: 40 to 50 minutes
Where in the Lesson Segment does this learning experience occur?
(Check One) __Beginning _X_Middle ___End Grade/Level: Kindergarten
Number of Students: 21
Structure(s) of grouping for the lesson:
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Whole Class ___X__
Small Group _X____
One-to-one _____
Other (specify) ______
Central Focus
Children will be introduced to the different materials that can be used to build houses and buildings, through reading three different stories about building. Students will learn that houses can be different shapes and sizes. Students will make a house using construction paper and a house using cookies
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When describing their building, students will verbally identify 3 out of 4 shapes they used.
2. The students will be able to make a representation of a house using the different shapes and materials.
3. Students will be able to answer and discuss questions about the book la forma de las cosas/the shape of things.

Language and Literacy/Academic Language
Reading: I will read La Forma de las Cosas by Dayle Ann Dodds to the students. Students will read the vocabulary words in House Shapes Worksheet.
Writing: Students will be asked to label the shapes in their house by writing the first letter of the name of the shape or by writing the name of the shape.
Listening: Students will listen to the teacher read the story and ask questions about the shapes in the book. The students will also listen to their classmates as they answer questions and talk about key concepts in the story.
Speaking: Students will answer questions about the book. Students will also use the vocabulary to describe the building they made using the different shapes.
Visual Representation: I will show the students the different illustrations of houses in Esta es mi casa by Arthur Dorros and the pictures of different shapes in La forma de las cosas by Dayle Ann
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I will ask the students ¿Que figuras ves en la foto? What shapes do you see in the picture?
b) I will then read the story to the students. As we come to a new shape in the book I will ask the students ¿Cómo se llama ésta figura? What is the name of this shape? I will also ask the students to look at the illustrations in the book and ask the students what shapes they can see.
c) I will then show the students the book we read the previous day Ésta es mi casa by Arthur Dorros. I will show them the pictures of the houses in the book and ask them what shapes the houses are.
d) The students will then move to do centers. The students will rotate between 5 centers. The students will be grouped into groups of 4 or five students and will spend 10 minutes on each center. The groups will be mixed ability groups. The groups will have English dominant students as well as Spanish dominant students. The centers are the

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