Children Should Be Allowed To Play Football

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1. Over the past decade, there has been a growing concern over whether or not children should play football. This has become such a crucial question that divorced couples are taking the issue to court. Mr. and Mrs. Orsini have two polar views when it comes to allowing their son to play football. Mr. Orsini understands that studies indicate how playing the sport can cause concussions and other significant brain damage in children while Mrs.Orsini believes that her son is old enough to understand the risks of playing football and if that is what he desires than she should not stop him. Similar cases to this one have been brought to court throughout the country, but many custody officers are hesitant to make a decision as they do not want to promote that sports are risky and be liable for any injuries that…show more content…
2. The ethical issue present is whether or not divorced couples with opposing views have the right to permit their child to play football when health risks to the brain are involved. 3. The key ethical values at stake are accountability and fairness. Accountability is at stake because the parents in this case have to take the responsibility for the outcomes. Mr. Orsini’s position takes the stance that football is dangerous and those who play the game before the age of 12 are more likely to develop cognitive and behavioral problems in the future. If Mr. Orsini does not let his son play football, then he knows based on research and previous experiences that he is preventing his son from the dangers that can arise from playing the game. Mr. Orsini does not have full custody of his son which makes it difficult for him to completely prevent his son from playing football, which could give
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