Case Study: Should College Football Replace A Playoff System

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Should College Football Replace the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) with a Playoff System? Many football fans including me argue that a playoff system should replace the BCS. They contend that it is the only fair way to determine a national champion and that the BCS method is subjective, profit-motivated, and sometimes leaves the best teams out of the championship game.They should change this because it doesnt make sence to have college football teams go against each other in a national championship while eight other top teams play in four bowl games.they should have playoff games like in the NFl instead of having a lot of Bowl games.This was formed in 1998 I strongly disagree with the playoff system they use in college its just not fair to others because It 's not fair because the sec, acc, big 12, PAC 12, and big 10 automatically have the playoff spots with one champion being left out. All the other schools of college football get left out as well no matter how good they are. For example, UCF should have been a playoff team if they had a playoff last year, but would not have been included. Instead they should have the 5 major conference champions get in plus the highest ranked team outside of…show more content…
It would give teams from every conference the opportunity to become a champion. It would allow a team to recover f coaches have time to watch all of the games while also preparing their teams each week. A playoff system, used by most other sports, would eliminate the controversy.last con is that The BCS rewards undefeated BCS teams, so schools sometimes try to schedule games against weaker opponents to protect their records. A rom a slow start, come together over the course of the season and make a run for the championship. It would build great national excitement over the
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