Case Study Speedball

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1. What is speedball?
Speedball is where the patient uses a needle with cocaine and either heroin, or morphine in the same syringe. The patient Injects both drugs at the same time and they can also use it to snort as well.
2. Based on this information, what would initial assessment be?
Lloyd is a heroin addict which he uses to function normally. Cocaine is a luxury. With the use of IV he is at a very high risk for contracting HIV which he did. I am unaware as to whether he is in a relationship, which is a high risk, and whether or not he performs safe sex? But, I will assume this is where Lloyd contracted his HIV. But, he could have also been infected by the sharing of the same needle and contracted his HIV by the other person who already has been infected.
3. Based on this assessment, what would be your
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It would consist of a short in-patient medical detox from opiates followed by an out-patient aftercare program. Lloyd will have a case manager (myself) that will have HIV resource treatments that will help Lloyd to receive the proper HIV care. Lloyd will have the proper education to learn about the realities of this disease, how it was transmitted, and the importance of being consistent with his medications. I will work with Lloyd on his resistance of having HIV and ask if he is exposing his disease to others? Also ask if he is taking precaution with his partner? And is he aware of his risky behavior with them?
4. What pharmacological interventions would you suggest for Lloyd for both his medical condition and drug history?
It would depend on as to whether Lloyd would be interested in and motivated to want to attend treatment? If he is, then we would address his addiction to heroin, which he calls “speedball” and his HIV.
5. Lloyd uses some street terms you may not be familiar with. How will you as a counselor handle a client like Lloyd who uses street terms you may not be familiar

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