Case Study: Stanley As A Victim Of Discrimination

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Yes, Stanley is a victim of discrimination on his job witch is a very hard barrier to break. Sad to say, but A lot of people often get discriminate on there job. Stanley treated difference basic on his age; staff had no right to jokes about his age. At some point in our life time you may or have experience discrimination. In this case discrimination can be examined from many different angles. With today 's generation in healthcare, you often experience the Millennials baby 's with lack of respect for Baby Boomers and Generation X. Mainly because people not rising kids with passion and love of others. I have spend many years working in healthcare, some of these younger folks get out of school thinking they know more than older people and textbooks.…show more content…
The Creek Residene 's managers, should have gather everyone that was involved taking sides and cutting Stankley hours by 10%. Stanley did the right by researched Discrimination Act law, as well as Wage & Hour Law Compliance.

The Mangers ignored the altercations instead of finding conflict resolution typically deals with the situation. As a leader, you facilitate the resolution of conflicts that distract the team members, decrease productivity, destroy motivation and lead frustration and anger. Also recognize that some conflict is natural and necessary to produce innovative solutions to problems, encourage meaningful communication between team members and leads to clarification and
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