Freshbake Swot Analysis Essay

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For many working Americans today, shopping for pastries presents a huge challenge due to time constraints. Usually, they have to drop by the supermarket after work to make their purchases of bread, cakes and breakfast delicacies before heading home. While there are a majority of online stores which make door-to-door deliveries, the inflated costs are not friendly for most people. In this study, I will explore how Freshbake, a small start-up, is filling this gap by offering deliveries at a subsidized price that a lines with the needs of a majority of the people. Fundamentally, the drawn to this entity is intriguing because of the way they organize and coordinate themselves to ensure that households are supplied with their favorite pastries in good time. After just two years in the market, Freshbake has continued to revolutionize shopping through on-time, convenient and cheap deliveries. Freshbake targets middle-earners with the aim of delivering fresh and healthy-rich cakes to their house and office doors. The core mission of the enterprise is to save the consumer significant time and money by bringing the delicacies to the customer’s closest point of access; typically the office or home. The vision of the…show more content…
One of the key factors that will determine if success is achievable is the implementation, evaluation and assessment process. According to Shields et al (2015), the diagnostic model of human resource management involves a self-repeating cycle that aligns individual skills with organizational goals while maintaining the human resource manager’s discretion to monitor and intervene appropriately for improvement. In this case, this model will be helpful for Freshbake as it shifts to a talent management-based approach to emerging top in the market. The key steps in this model are discussed
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