Case Study: Surfrider Inc

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Grandview Avenue Economic Community Development Corporation or simply Grandview Ave is a local Greater Orlando non-profit organization that helps provide housing for individuals whom are homeless or families in desperate need of a stable environment. Surfrider is a foundation based on protecting our oceans and beaches. Their goal is to maintain a clean environment by the coast, as well as enlighten others about the dangers of polluting our ecosystem. Although these two non-profits are categorized as two completely different types of organizations, they are also very similar when it comes to making Central Florida a better environment.
One aspect of the two non-profits that can be contrasted is the purpose and goals of them. Grand Avenue Economic
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“Our vision is as simple and straightforward as the picture in your mind when you think of a beach. In our minds that translates to two words, healthy coasts.” stated Surfrider president Mark Spalding. The Foundation completes this mission by attracting people with information of issues on the coast. The organization encourages students to campaign and make sister clubs of their own in schools and communities, establishing a club that will expand even after the initial wave of members are…show more content…
One of favorite times during the tremendous Grandview experience was looking on the work we accomplished. We only took one weekend off when we were in the process of building this marvelous 3 bedroom 2 bath home. Winter Park, Florida is where it is established 803 oak wood drive. Surrounded by lake fronts, shaded patio, and lushes green landscape this was the ideal situation for the family. They were the Miller’s and this was their new home. With the help from the organization Grandview Avenue we provided another secure home for a family in need. That feeling occurred again during my very first beach cleanup. The location was New Smyrna Beach, we started the cleanup at 10:25a.m. 426 pieces of garbage we picked up in 2 hours! I was stunned at the amount of liter was on the very beach that I visit every weekend. However, I scanned the area we had dissected the trash. I felt an enormous about of pride and joy as the sand was pearly white and the waves collapsed onto my toes. Our beach was beautiful once
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