Case Study: Sustainable Citizenship

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“WHAT ANTHROPOLOGISTS CAN CONTRIBUTE?” By Deppy Keranidou Dear sir or madam, I am Deppy Keranidou a student from Greece that currently is doing a Masters degree in Cultural Anthropology; Sustainable Citizenship. Since I was very little I have always been deeply interested in the “otherness” and different cultures as a whole. Despite being brought up within typical Greek cultural surroundings , when later on started travelling and exploring this world I realized how difficult sometimes it is for certain peoples and communities to fit in the dry world led by profits, corporate powers and western dominant ideas. Therefore, what I questioned myself was “How can we (as people) integrate in this world through creative pathways?” Social integration through arts will therefore be my case study for the following months representing a productive agency for minorities and marginalized actors to express themselves. Migrants, refugees, minorities and marginalized people are given the opportunity to communicate, express themselves and get involved in the broader community and share their own stories through laboratories and initiatives by using public spaces (such as squares, parks) ,artistic spaces (exhibition centers/ libraries /museums) as well as universities for a deeper connection and externalization. “The purpose of anthropology is to make the world safe for human differences.” Ruth Benedict. This is a deeply inspiring quote of Ruth
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