Case Study: Sutherland Global Services

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Company Profile and Business Case:
Sutherland Global Services (SGS) is a global provider of process transformation services. Offers an integrated portfolio of analytics-driven IT services, back-office and customer facing solutions that support the entire customer lifecycle. Client - Intuit is the world 's No.1 financial management software for small businesses and accountants, used by over 1.5 million users worldwide. Service that was outsourced by Intuit to SGS was customer service helpdesk with 200 full time executives.
Client was missing on their quarterly sales goal for two quarters in a row. Overall sales revenue is contributed by 90% sales team and 10% onshore. Onshore team was missing on goal due to unionization disputes. Intuit was
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Sales methodology that I adopted was consultative selling which need a sales call back team. The cost of the project would be ~ 20K. For SGS to make 25% margin I need to make 5% bonus by meeting or exceeding the sales revenue of $500k every month. I worked with my finance controller to derive at a business model that would yield 25% margin. Plan was produced to country head for approval. By producing sales revenue of $500k/month and incurring cost of $20k/month SGS would earn 5% bonus equivalent to additional revenue of $300k/year.
After extensive discussion with client and internal team I started ground work on getting the team live. Consultative selling emphasis on the salesperson becoming a “trusted advisor” to the customer. For sales professionals to be a part of a customer 's process, they need to demonstrate how they can add value by acting as a partner and trusted advisor. Plan involved upskilling the sales person and mindset shift of thinking on behalf of the customer. Team with only customer service background found it difficult to take this change.
Keeping the challenge in mind and stimulated timeline to meet the goal, crucial steps were taken. Sales methodology of IDEA being adapted – ‘Identify, Connect, Explore and Advise’, provided extensive training on sales techniques and introduced attractive sales
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Key factors were defined and briefed to the team. Tools and technology were installed to record and play back the call. Set process followed for selecting and evaluating the call. During pilot phase error % was trending at 15%, sales hygiene and sales based on need being top errors. With help of EDGE coaching methodology addressed the critical defects. During steady stage error % dropped as low as 2%

Organization benefits
SGS’s Revenue increase by 10% with consistent bonus of 5%. With optimized cost model, delivered margin of 25%+ yearly. Project added in the Organization bluebook, showcased to prospects as best sales practice. On the people front, Inclusive work environment with workflow being people focused and simplified to deliver best result. Additional sales incentive for the team motivated to do more every day. On the whole sales revenue were exceeding the goal. For Intuit, High quality standard maintained at 95%+ reducing customer effort and client product return rate
Project of improving sales revenue for the client did in turn give financial benefit to the organization and gained goodwill with client NPS of 70 for the

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