Tanglin Polymers Case Study Solution

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3 1. Executive Summery T based products and their consumers broaden into a wide range with different he Tanglin Polymers is a huge apprehension manufacturing a variety of petroleum- industries. The CEO of ‘Tanglin’ has hired Mr. Chan Kee Tong to handle purchasing procedures to control the increasing lined complexity in protecting raw materials of the company. The case study looks into the reasons that have been leading the new adopted plans to be failed from its initialization. The problem has arisen through increasing difficulty in securing raw materials, declining local economy, inflated plan-budget requirement, scarce schedule and the contract being bargained without apposite conformity by all its units. The case study…show more content…
The purchasing managers have been practicing with their existing system and will not tend to adjust with a new procedure immediately. Otherwise they have been encouraged to operate their own manufacturing plants as a separate business in units. This leads to a competition between the units in the same company itself. Management in each plant may act as custodian of his plant. Therefore he never pop-up to illustrate the actual problems he have in his plant and will not pay attention to support other units as well. In briefly people not adopt to a big transform…show more content…
Appraisal of Chan Kee Tong In generally, to output a best project, the project manager should have well premeditated professional skills. Chan Kee Tong is the Resource Procurement Manager for Tanglin Polymers. Purpose of crating His role was handling purchasing of the company. Chan Kee Tong’s first decisions were to begin centralizing the company’s purchasing procedures. His decision was optimal according to the case, but when implementing the plan there are many more problems arisen over mistakes he made during his decision-making and important managerial skills have been neglected in his managerial style. Here the author listed the blunders he made. (Note: These points have been discussed in the previous topics.) The neglected skills have indicated against the points. • Dismissed the idea of Clara : Listen to subordinates/Team members, Motivation • Explained his plan only to the CEO and get the approval through him : Face-to Face Communication • Completing arrangements for new control system without enough concur to the plan by participants : Build team spirit , Keep relation with project team and stake

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