Case Study: Tata Nanno

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The prime aim of the research is to deduce the impact that marketing and positioning has on customer purchasing decision in the automobile industry. The research considered the case study of Tata Nano, and comprehended the reasons for the car to be a marketing failure. The other objectives of the study are: • To establish a relationship between marketing, product positioning and sales in the automobile industry • To examine the processes that were adapted to market Tata Nano • To scrutinize the impact that the marketing and positioning strategies of Nano had on the Indian customers • To recommend effective marketing and positioning strategies to Tata, to help the firm report an increase in sales of the Nano 1.4 Research Questions Following…show more content…
The previous chapter introduced the case of Tata Nano and its failed marketing strategies. This section of the study will critically explore and analyze the impending marketing theories and also the available literature on the case at hand to accomplish the research objectives. The chapter commences with the relevance of marketing in contemporary scenario. Then, narrowing towards the implicit marketing proposition, the demographic profile and consumer buying behavior of low-cost goods will be discussed. Then, the marketing strategies for low-cost consumer goods with focus on automobiles will be explored. Then, skewing to the case study at hand, literature on Tata Nano and its marketing failure will be assessed. The literature has been discussed adopting a critical approach to identify the existing gaps in research. 2.2 The importance of marketing…show more content…
Customer value is central for the survival of any organization and calls for the competence to “out-think” and “out-value” the competitors, thereby gaining competitive advantage through marketing strategies. The customer value is the positive residual difference between the total benefits and the total costs. The purpose of all marketing activities is to satisfy customer needs and wants through maximization of the value delivered to them. In the modern market scenario, where firms are competing for market share rather than profitability, it is rightly deduced that marketing has a crucial role to play. In fact, it needs to be inter-woven in all business functions and across the

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