Case Study: Technical Sergeant Van E. Ripley

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Technical Sergeant Van E. Ripley is a Jet Engine Mechanic for the 122nd FW Jet Engine Intermediate Maintenance Shop, Fort Wayne, Indiana 122nd Air National Guard Base. He is responsible for providing direction to resolve problems on A-10 Aircraft Engines installed and un-installed. He leads other Engine subordinates, advises, trains, and works alongside others. He monitors work of assigned personnel, coordinates, and works with Aircraft Specialists of other shops to ensure that assigned personnel are fully utilized and work is accomplished in accordance with established time frames priorities and proper Technical Orders. All while, checking work in progress and ensuring all safety, security, environmental rules, and procedures are followed.…show more content…
This prevented an Engine (F100-PW-220) from being torn down and rebuilt for a wrong conclusion, which was determined from the Egyptian AF maintenance liaison.

In 1997 Technical Sergeant Ripley, along with another traditional guardsman, stepped up to go on a two month deployment in support of Operation SOUTHERN WATCH. All hands on maintenance, inspections and IPI’s were performed by the two traditional guardsman.

In 2000 Technical Sergeant Ripley enjoyed being part of a bigger picture while deployed in Operation SOUTHERN WATCH. Later that year he found himself up to the challenge of being part of the full time workforce at the 122nd Fighter Wing, where he is still working today. In 2011 Technical Sergeant Ripley further developed and mastered the art of the high pressure turbine grind used on the TF-34 engine during build-up. Using old, new, and self- taught methods along with changes in tooling

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