Case Study Tesla Motors

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1. Introduction
Tesla Motors Inc. is one of the automobile industry, with a specialization in the electric vehicle market, it manufactures vehicle as well as electric powertrain components. It is a growing American company founded in 2003, and released the first car in 2006 with projected growth in the future. The CEO, Elon Musk (founder of PayPal), is a necessary role to Tesla that aims at offering electric cars at affordable price to the public. Regarding the strategy of the company, as pointed out by Elton Musk in 2006, the starting point performs from fancy sports car, but the long term goal is to provide of all kinds, including low coast family cars. Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the transition from gas-powered vehicles to sustainable
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And based on our report, how framing and discourse can shape the climate friendly future and inspire climate leaders in other fields and it can be applied to other fields.
2. Description of the actors in greater depth
Climate change is a new reality. The increasing GHG emissions caused by human behavior are changing our climate and, in return, affecting every aspect of our society. In this paper, 5 of us will analyze the case study of Tesla Motors, and beforehand, precise knowledge of the threat leads to victory, hence we will look the actors through the stakeholders. This part will be followed to analyze the different actor dimensions of Tesla Motors.
For the Tesla Motors, Inc. per se, their strengths are the innovation products and services that bring them to a brand new territory, their patents plus marketing and technical expertise develop the electric vehicles market and hence indirectly affect governments to enact new policy and promote clean energy. However, their strengths can become their weaknesses, more and more competitors arise, the discoveries in new energy could be rapidly changes, or the interruptions of the government.
2.1 External Environmental
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This culture put Tesla in a position to possess various patents for EV components. Also, tesla is more than an auto company but focuses on the performance of the car, environmentally and aesthetically. The other crucial resource of the company is associated with its award winning CEO: Elon Musk, his innovative corporate culture gives more space to improve, as his post on Twitter highly welcome the comment and suggestion, by which, having the opportunity to reach a new level. In addition to above, there are also weaknesses of the new company that have limited production facilities, supplier problems or the narrow market and stock price and so on. However, we are still confident to Tesla that they will figure out the best way of being a leader of EV and to minimize the problems to accommodate the future

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