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The market segment for the electric vehicles is shooting up at an unbelievable pace with Tesla being the pioneer to employ various marketing tactics that separates itself from previous failed contenders in this segment.
This case study deals how the marketing management made Tesla strike gold in this segment. Attractive taglines like “Burn rubber not gasoline” help generate a positive perception towards the company. This case study will analyze the USP, the STP including with a SWOT analyses of the current state of the company.
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Previously the entry barriers to the segment were poor consumer perception, low range and bad performance of the vehicles, not to mention unattractive looking too. Tesla the lone name in the electric segment right now, is seeking to lift up the barriers and this was sequentially achieved with every product they released leading at the helm. Since exploring a new market means you’ll be drained of cash, Tesla adopted a strategy that made its own consumers sponsor for the next product release they had on line to…show more content…
According to Elon Musk, the consumers to purchased Roadster made it possible for them to come out with Model S, and who bought Model S enabled them bring out Model X and those consumers enabled them to achieve the dream of sustainable transport in the form of Model 3.
Findings and Suggestions:
Tesla made a mark on the automobile industry by bringing the obsolete thought electric segment into spotlight. The YoY growth in sales is amazing and that doesn’t seem to stop in the near future with the advent of Model 3. Tesla is right now limited in certain countries only like US, China. Expansion to developing countries with the Model 3 could make an exponential impact further. But all that depends on building a robust supercharger network, which takes a lot of investment. But going by the initial response to Model 3, Tesla might not lose money anymore, provided the Giga Factory delivers on its promise.
The electric car segment is the most attractive segment in the automobile industry, thanks to Tesla. The sustainable electric transport is finally being realized in the form of Model 3 thus paving way for other manufacturers to invest in this segment with less fear. With emerging rivals in the segment such as Faraday Future, Chevrolet and Ford, the future looks bright for electric
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