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Texas Roadhouse and the EEOC The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission enforces laws regarding employment discrimination. This enforcement was necessary in the case of Texas Roadhouse and their employment practices and discrimination against employees both current and potential. These types of lawsuits bring national attention to employment issues promoting the change of discriminatory practices in the workplace through awareness and mandates. Different news sources take different stances on these issues and this commission has received both praise and criticism regarding their enforcement of the case regarding Texas Roadhouse.
Texas Roadhouse Compliance Issue
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) enforces Federal laws that protect against employment discrimination. On September 2011, the EEOC filed suit against Texas Roadhouse claiming their hiring practices denied employees and applicant’s jobs or promotions because of their age. In the EEOC original submission of their 2011 claim that only 1.9%
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After the EEOC press release announcing the $12 million settlement (March 31, 2017) the main stream news outlets generally repeated the information that was provided by the release with just a couple of differences. In an April 3, 2017 Insider Louisville reported on the EEOC press release and the basic settlement but included the critique heard all through the case that “Critics have expressed fears that the case will give EEOC more power to bring cases without complaints Most news on the settlement focused on the monetary aspect of the $12 million payout for age discrimination without much additional commentary while the EEOC press release was very specific on the terms required of the Texas Roadhouse Chain to protect workers from age

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