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I heard the Judge blame Jamie, not the mother, for not performing visitation. The Judge did say that Jamie’s needs would change, while completely ignoring the actions of the mother that have led to the alienation. The mother sat there smugly as the Judge let her own daughter be blamed. The actions of the Judge that day combined with her older daughter’s justified desire not to be anywhere near her mother has emboldened the mother leading to her complete lack of meaningful cooperation with the Parenting Plan.

When attempts were being made to set up visitation with JP, did you take into account
JP 's expressed desires to be allowed to compete in various competitions and barrel racing? If so explain why you did not wish to work
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Again I was to be a spectator with no contact with my daughter during these periods.

Explain in detail what efforts you made to attend JP 's competitions (i.e., barrel racing, etc.)? If so, list the dates and events that you have personally attended. Likewise if you have elected to miss competitions explain why you chose to miss them rather than attend?
The terms of the visitation as laid out by the mother were not visitation in a meaningful sense. Again I was to be a spectator with no meaningful contact with my daughter during these periods. I was not to be allowed unescorted contact with Jamie. Her mother or friends were always to be present.
State specifically by month, day and year which weekends you claimed to have missed a visitation opportunity wherein both parents mutually agreed upon the dates for such visitation to occur in the city where the Mother resides with the child. As part of your response, please state in what way your intended visitation would not have interfered with JP 's attendance in school or in the child 's extracurricular
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Continuing alienation actions of the mother
Knowledge of visitation periods
Verification of the insults and derogatory behavior of the mother towards the father in front of both daughters.

Give the name, address and telephone number of any expert witness that you may call relating to the facts or circumstances of this case and a brief statement as to the testimony you intend to elicit from said witness.
None at this time.
Did you invite JP to vacation with you and KP in Maui Hawaii Christmas of 2014?
Yes. Jamie’s travel period was to short she arrived in the afternoon of December 20 and departed in the morning December 26. The mother was adamant that her travel time could not be extended and that there was no time for Jamie to go to Hawaii.
Did you invite JP to vacation with you in Whistler Mountain, Vancouver Thanksgiving 2015? If the answer is no, please explain your reasons for not including JP in the above holiday
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