Case Study The Bank Manager's Dilemma

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The bank manager’s Dilemma.
There is a branch manager named Sara working in a small retail office in a large bank. In the past years, Sara have successfully increased the loan and also made the volume of deposit large. She has achieved many goals and has a good reputation within her area. In this case we observe that Sara has landed with $2 million account with a local apartment company named Silver Valley Estate. However, the bank auditor finds an error which occurred in the bank deposit operations center where the deposit operation clerk who is managed by Sara had misplaced return-item cash letter for $20,000 on Silver Valley’s account and had failed to debit several returned cheque to the client’s account at the right time. The branch manager, Sara is aware that if she listens to her boss’s instructions and direction, she will
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So that Sra could able to keep promises and commitment to her customers. As a branch manager of the bank, Sara’s credibility with her customers is most essential to her ability to bring new customer into the bank.
 Sara could explain her dilemma to silver valley’s president and ask for help. Sara could recommend that the president contact her boss and other senior officer and resolve the apparent violation of the bank collection policy. This could be one of the possible solutions because either way Sara’s job is at risk. If she deducts the amount as per her boss instruction, then she will have fewer customers and there may come a time when her boss sees her of no benefit.
 Sara could have asked the operation clerk to recover that amount that is $20000 because the clerk was the one who did careless and misplaced the cheque. So, as a punishment Sara could have made the clerk to pay the amount and the problem could have been
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