CAR Case Study: Managing Organizational Change

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After the initial excitement following her appointment as the CEO of a 3,500-member organization, Meg was greeted with series of challenges threatening the continuous successful existence or operation of CAR. As a result, Meg needed to take the cold hard look at CAR in order to identify the problems and use the creative freedom she had as the CEO to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the company that was plagued with falling stock value, Innovation failures and problem attracting and retaining right people. Before Meg assumed the position of CEO of CAR it seemed that much attention was not paid to the operations of the company taking into account the business principles, policies and values upon which the company was profitable,…show more content…
According to Bateman and Zeithaml, most changes do not take place because of problems but for opportunities (Managing Organizational Change). For the healthy live of the organization, there must be continuous introduction of new ideas and methods for its growth. It is in this sense that change is regarded as a process (New Product Development Strategy 2014). Innovations in the change process have significant effect on the products, processes or services. The organization's working mechanism is stimulated through innovations in the change. As a result of improved working techniques, production will be improved and increased. The income of the organization will appreciably increase as well. Organizational change is a structured approach in an organization for ensuring that changes are smoothly and successfully implemented to achieve lasting benefits (Kotter, J. (July 12,…show more content…
Values are the essence of corporate culture because they set out the “do’s” and “don’ts” around the organization (ORGANIZATIONAL CORE

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