Case Study: The Dalai Lama's Reputation

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The Dalai Lama’s Reputation

Since the early 1900s, Westerners have been travelling to the Orient seeking spiritual wisdom and inner peace. By the mid of the twentieth century, meditation centers and other Buddhists practices were finding their place in the West when Eastern meditation masters started to travel to Western countries. So many lamas travelled to the West in an attempt to find a refuge in a better economic and political environment for their spiritual practice and life. Encouraged by the westerners’ enthusiasm, these lamas offered their wisdom to the West. As a result, Buddhism has become the fastest growing religion in the West; it has, undoubtedly, a tremendous influence on the West. Westerners have been fascinated by what they have seen of Buddhism as it moves towards the West. The life of Buddha, the fall of Tibet or the concept of reincarnation, and many other things related to Buddhism and Tibet, have been produced in various motion pictures by western filmmakers, artists and creative people. Many Westerners have taken refuges Buddhists and converted to Buddhism. Several Buddhist practices have been taken up across the world to become regular practices in the West. Meditation and mindfulness, for instance, have been adapted by westerners and incorporated in their daily life routine. This rapid spread of Buddhism in the West is basically built on various factors. One and major factor for this expeditious spread of Buddhism is the Westerners admiration for
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