Case Study: The Horsemeat Scandal

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FE 2200: Introduction to Supply Chain Management Project Assignment No.1: The Horsemeat Scandal A case study on opportunism and poor governance along the food supply chain management. By: James Condon Student No. 116353943 Word Count: 1500 Words Date: 14/11/16 Executive Summery: •This report was prepared to show the Minister for Agriculture how opportunism and poor governance in the food supply chain lead to the horsemeat scandal. This report looks at the different forms of opportunisms which where used by companies during the horsemeat scandal, like moral hazard, adverse selection, complexity and asymmetric information. It also provides the Minister with ways to prevent such a scandal from occurring again and protect the consumer and Irish food sector. •The information which was gathered to produce this report was secondary information gathered by various media outlets. •I believe this report will provide the Minister with a clear picture of how the food supply chain was made more complex in order to hide some suppliers ' questionable activities from being uncovered. It highlights how the poor governance of certain regulatory bodies provided some companies with incentives to act opportunistically and unethically in the supply of food to the public. •The findings of the report show how the frozen food sector took a massive hit with the discovery of the horse DNA, as it was

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