Analysis: The Houses That Love Built

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The Houses That Love Built

The Kennedys Triumph
When you dream of having a baby your mind would most likely go to being in the hospital, holding your child for the first time, and taking the baby home after a day or so with no health complications putting the baby and you or the mother at risk not having to think about what went wrong or how healthy your baby is and living happily with you, your spouse, and your newborn. But for some families like the Kennedys that wasn’t the case.
On April 11th, 2011 the Kennedy's twin babies, Piper and Cooper, born after 27 weeks and 6 days had been growth restricted in utero due to preeclampsia. The Kennedys, Krista, and Chad were extremely worried for their children's safety and health being first-time parents, “We were too worried about the babies to worry about ourselves” (Kennedy).
The Kennedy’s children were going through treatment caused by growth restriction because of preeclampsia making it so that the children could not be discharged for a long time. While the children underwent treatment the family was able to stay across the street. “Piper was eventually discharged after two long months while Cooper had to wait and underwent surgeries” (Kennedy). The
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Support for the project was secured by McDonald with there new Saint Patrick Day shake, all funds from the special shake went to the charity project. After money was secured the project began to make places for children to stay with their families while undergoing treatment and the first Ronald McDonald house was built in Philadelphia . From 1974 to 1989 over 75 Ronald McDonald houses were built in America. The Philosophy of Ronald McDonald House Charities is to help children in need of treatment and to make it easier or them by providing an environment which allows them to live comfortably and be able to see their
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