Case Study: The Houston Texans Organization

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The Houston Texans Organization does not place a considerable measure of emphasis publicly on diversity and inclusion, however, simply by observing the employees you realize how diverse of an organization the Houston Texans are. According to the Human Resources Department, the Houston Texans are an equal opportunity employer. Trang Do, Human Resources Manager, runs an equal opportunity employer commission (EEOC) report quarterly; nevertheless, the Houston Texans are a private company and the information happens to be unavailable to the public. Since I am unable to have access to the EEOC report, I will rely on my observations regarding diversity and inclusion. Diverse groups of people work for the Houston Texans Organization from an even…show more content…
An ADA specialist, Kathrine Iribarren, handles the diversity and inclusion for the Houston Texans fans. By making sure, the fans have the appropriate seating in the stadium. A Guest Service Representative meets the fan at the gate or at their seat if necessary to assist the fan. All the parking lots on game days have twenty-five ADA parking spots. The Houston Texans staff does not personally transport a fan who cannot make it to the stadium under their own accord the Tailgate Ambassadors do find them assistance from an officer or someone with CSC or…show more content…
The staff of the Houston Texans comes from different walks of life from Ms. Waunita Mitchell turning 91 years young in a couple of days to having a staff member from New Zealand. Within the Tailgate Ambassadors, staff the demographic ranges between all races and men and women alike. From retiree seeking something to do, teachers and stay at home dad to a medical student. Demographics of the fans of the Houston Texans range from all ages, all races, men and woman alike from presidents of companies to a three-year-old little boy who wants to be a tailgate ambassador, Chris Myers and J.J. Watt when he grows up. Two people are responsible for the diversity and inclusion matters of the Houston Texans Organizations. The individual responsible for the diversity and inclusion among the staff is Trang Do, Human Resources Manager. Kathryn Iribarren, Ticket Services and Operations Coordinator, is responsible for the diversity and inclusion for the Houston Texans

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