Case Study: The Journey Of Tata Motors

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Prologue: TATA Motors, subsidiary of the TATA group, is considered as the only automobile company of India, which is growing drastically and which has acquired the foreign automobile industry. Especially during the time of Mr. Ratan Tata, company grew the most. Also TATA motors developed new engines and technologies across the couple of research centers located in India. We will see how the company grew day by day, starting from history. Timeline: The Journey of TATA:
• Tata engineering and locomotive co. Ltd (Telco now Tata Motors), established in 1945.
• Introduction of steam road rollers in 1948.
• Collaborated with Daimler Benz AG in 1954.
• Set up of R&D centre in Jamshedpur in 1959.
• First truck being exported to Sri Lanka in 1961.
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• 2008, Tata Marcopolo.
• Fiat-Tata
• Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery.

2004- Acquired the truck manufacturing unit of Daewoo in South Korea for Rs 465 crore.
2008- Acquired Jaguar Land Rover, manufacturer of Jaguar which is a British car maker.
2009-Acquired the full ownership of Hispano Carrocera which is a bus and coach manufacturing company based in Spain.
2010- Acquired an Italian design and engineering company name Trilix on 80% stake.

• With 1400 engineers and scientists and 6 Research and development units across four countries like India, UK, Spain and South Korea, TATA Motors has strong R&D body.
• TATA Motors has ERC (Engineering Research Centre) located at Jamshedpur and Pune. The ERC of Pune was setup in 1966. It is considered among the finest in the country.
• TATA Motors also won various awards like DSIR National award for R&D Effort in industry 1999 as well as National award for Successful Commercialization of Indigenous Technology by an industrial concern in 2000.

Future perspectives and Plans of TATA

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