Case Study: The League Of Women Voters

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The League of Women Voters was founded in the year 1920 with the goal of ensuring women’s involvement in elections and fostering women’s suffrage. Over time, the organization’s focus has changed in the following areas discussed below: a.Protecting Voters: The organization is focused on ensuring that all eligible voters including people from underrepresented communities, young people that may or may not have college education, new citizens, people from low-income backgrounds are able to find enough information about election. It also seeks to protect and expand voting rights by supporting early voting, online registration, and confirming the pro-voter laws are followed. b. Educating and Engaging Voters: As the organization’s goal is to involve …show more content…

The organization provides information sessions on the current systems of government, personal rights and responsibilities, and allegiance to new citizens. It also advocates the policy to legalize unauthorized immigrants and involve them fully in elections. f. Advancing Health Care: The League provides information about health care systems and need of reforms to public by organizing community education projects and public debates, distributing resource materials, and engaging lawmakers. It supports an affordable health care option that includes disease prevention, primary care, acute long-term care, as well as the mental health education. In addition, it assists in implementation of Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) by helping Americans to understand the rules and by working with government agencies and healthcare to maximize positive impacts of …show more content…

For example, it urged public to oppose a legislation for fiscal year 2016 budget, which undermines the EPA’s Clean Water Rule. The League argues that comprehensive protections for small water bodies around the country is very necessary. In addition, the League helps improve the government by providing information about public needs and priorities to lawmakers. With the involvement of consultants in the UN, the League contributes to global issues in democratic process. The change in focus of the League is due to various factors such as increase in resources available, expansion of scope, relationship with politicians and lawmakers, interaction with more people to learn about the need in society. As the funding and supports increase, organizations can expand the scope of their work. For example, the League had only a few employees working to involve women in election process in 1920, now there are thousands of employees and volunteers are available to be involved in its

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