Case Study: The Neighborhood In The Country

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The Neighborhood in the Country In the small town of Tonganoxie, Kansas there was a little neighborhood out in the country. It wasn’t a normal neighborhood because the houses were spread out. In each of the houses there was one or more kid. Although most of them didn’t go to the same school all of them were very close friends with each other. These friends weren’t the usual friends, they didn’t call or text for you to come over and hang out, they walked to each other’s house to talk to them in person. They also didn’t play tons of video games like the most of the kids that they went to school with, instead they would go outside to explore the woods or play games that they came up with like two-base baseball. Two-base baseball was very similar to regular baseball because there would still be a pitcher and a batter at home plate. There was only home plate and first base because there wasn’t very many kids in the neighborhood and they didn’t have enough people to fill a whole diamond so they came up with a game that like five or six people could play at a…show more content…
Gregory has always been a pretty smart kid, and he always had some pretty good ideas like that. He is average height and has curly dark brown hair. Although he has always been into video games, when he was younger he would rarely miss a chance to play one of our favorite games we called CD. CD was just a shortened version of the game we called Caden-Dodgeball. This game involved a trampoline and some sort of ball. One person would start off of the trampoline with the ball while the rest of the people bounced on the trampoline and dodged the ball that was thrown at them. If the ball hit someone then they had to get off of the trampoline and throw the ball and the other person got back on. It wasn’t a usual game because there couldn’t be a winner or a loser; they would just play until they got board of

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