Shaun Murphey Short Story

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The Odd Case of Shaun Murphey
Wrist-watch Signals were the new big thing. Everyone had one. If you don’t, you will probably end up in jail. It all started when this weird French dude invented a watch that told you what to do. Well the President heard about it and wante a more advanced version. He paid a bunch of engineers and scientists to make a better one. In the end, they found out that they could connect a few wires to the wrist nerves. The wires would send signals to the brain. These signals implied thoughts. Almost like commands. The thoughts were so strong that the person almost had to listen. No one could stop the thoughts or change them. Everyone was happy. Crime rates were down, curfews were listened to. Barely anyone got into
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Same as every day. The same routine for years. All the students filed into their classrooms. Shaun took a seat at his squeaky desk. He patiently waited for his horrible teacher to walk in. All of the old teachers had been replaced with nasty mean ones. These ones taught lessons that most students had no clue how to do. Miss Nasty walked in and started the lesson on trigonometry. Most of the students stares at her confused. Shaun rolled his eyes and started on the homework. Trigonometry was super easy for him. The class went by fairly quickly and soon it was break time. The children all left the classroom. Shaun watched as two students violently fought. Teachers and peers cheered them on. A very weak signal told Shaun to go cheer. He easily ignored it and kept walking. His signals were never strong. he kind of liked the weak ones. They kept him sane. Three buff guys walked towards the boy. He stopped and looked up at them. “You are going to come with us Shaun Murphey. We will give you a brand new wrist-watch. The new ones are much stronger for a person like you.” “Um, no thank you. I like mine the way it is.” Shaun replied. “We’re not asking . We’re telling.” One of the guys
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