Case Study: The Organizational Culture Of Nucor

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1. The organizational culture of Nucor is a group of selfless employees. It sounds as if the employees and managers will go above the call of duty and not stop until the problem is fixed. They work together as a team and rely on each other versus someone going out on a limb without asking for help. Three of the employees traveled out of their way to solve a problem. The problem does appear to be critical, although the three men did not know this at the time. They could have just ignored the problem, and took on a “not my problem” attitude. Instead, they went jumping into a vehicle and head out of state to fix a problem. It sounds as if the employees are treated well and are very much respected. As Morgan (2006) states they have been developed into “full potential” employees and know they have a good place to work. The management…show more content…
Will it be profitable to be in a building and a geographic area where the steel plates cannot be made as large as the other plants make. Could the smaller steel pieces contribute to the other plants by saving time and money? Looking at changing equipment from size to size. Could the cost effectiveness of running a mill with smaller sheets be a major priority? If the mill was unable to economically carry a profit based on using the smaller sheets in correlation with the other mills it would not be a wise choice to open the mill. Now, if the mill could expand and make those larger sheets as the other mills do, then the cost options would have to be weighed out to determine if it was profitable. What other capabilities would the new mill have, maybe it could be set to only do small jobs, or the headquarters for all offices to call for orders and paperwork statuses. This would change the marketing strategy and the manufacturing determined on the financial approach. Would this align with the company culture and the financial targets they are trying to

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