Case Study: The Simply Consistent Team

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The Simply Consistent team creates, develops and/ or expands concierge medical services, addiction services, spa 's, operations and offices that reflect our doctors individual and/or business needs, their personal and/or practice style and overall patient care.

Recognized as a leader in performance and overall patient satisfaction improvement for 14 years, Simply Consistent partners with more health care organizations and practices worldwide to create and sustain high performing organizations, and, ultimately, improve the overall health care experience. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to help clients operate efficiently, improve quality, increase market share and optimize reimbursement. Simply Consistent works with clients from across the continuum of care – hospitals, medical practices,concierge practices, home care agencies and other providers

Kathleen Checki and Simply Consistent created, managed and designed David Kipper 's concierge patient program, home nursing and addiction programs as well as David 's overall medical practice day to day operations.
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Dr. Dennis Colonello 's Beverly Hills Chiropractic office ( Peak Wellness ) was designed by Kathleen Checki and the Simply Consistent team. The Simply Consistent team developed and created a concierge practice and spa experience from conception to execution by incorporating eastern and western medicine. Our goal was to ensure each patient was able to exhale as soon as they entered the office and escape from the craziness of their daily life. Simply Consistent developed and designed the "Peak Wellness" concept, created products and managed and created the day to day operations for Dennis 's office.

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