Case Study: The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down

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A shaman plays the role in Hmong ethnomedicine as a spiritual healer, by calling the soul back to a person’s body, repairing a soul and warding off evil spirits. In the case study the Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, Cha Koua Lee is the shaman who performed a healing ceremony for Lia. He brought his tools of the trade that consisted of a saber, gong, rattle, finger bells and a flying horse; these were all the tools that Shee Yee had used during his time on earth.
During the sacrifice of the first pig, for Lia family (to safeguard and protect them throughout the year), the shaman did not kill the pig, in order to maintain a good relationship with the animal. One of the Lee’s cousin cut the pig’s throat. After the animal had been ritually
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