Case Study: Things To Do At Night In Santa Fe

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Top Rated Santa Fe, NM: Best Restaurants, Bars and Clubs

Meta Description: Santa Fe, New Mexico is an excellent city to visit for great restaurants and bars; check out the nightlife of Santa Fe with our list of the best spots to have a great time on the town.

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Getting Out on the Town in Santa Fe

Santa Fe is a tourist town. As such many of the nightlife options cater to folks in town looking for a Santa Fe experience. This means that you are in luck. And though you may pay a premium for excellence and authenticity at some places you will generally find this town has a much higher quality of restaurants and bars
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But don’t hit Los Potrillos up looking for New Mexican food, they serve it like it is south of the border.

Izanami at Ten-Thousand Waves

Ten Thousand Waves, a Japanese spa and bathhouse located just outside of Santa Fe, has been an institution of Northern New Mexico for a great many years. The only thing missing from this institution, according to patrons, was an on-site Japanese restaurant. Izanami is open now to fill that gap. A wonder of Japanese small plates including izakaya, sushi, kaiseki and yakitori, awaits you when you emerge from the soaking pool.

Getting out to some the Best Bars in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Being a fixture of the American Southwest, the city of Santa Fe, is loaded with great bars. There are margarita bars, wine bars, spirit tasting facilities where you can check out locally made liquors, beer bars, dance clubs, saloons, and dive bars. You owe to yourself to check out what the bars of the capital of New Mexico have to offer.

Coyote Café and Rooftop
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Whether it’s the old world feel of the bar itself, the red wall paper and red lights, or the cowboy hat and boot adorned clientele, this place will have you feeling like you stepped into a film before you’ve even imbibed one of their excellent drinks.

The Nightlife Spots You Don’t Want to Miss Out on in Santa Fe

Santa Fe is one city by day and can be a completely different city by night. Getting out on the town in Santa Fe at night will give you a taste of what this once quiet little town in the north of New Mexico was once like. Whether you go for the saloon experience, a soak and sushi, or for the rooftop margaritas, get out on the town and enjoy the best of what Santa Fe has to offer.

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