Case Study: Tiger Synergy Berhad

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1. Tiger Synergy Berhad
Tiger Synergy Berhad (TSB) was established at 21 December 1994, and formerly known as Minply Holdings (M) Bhd.
The company 's main businesses activities are focusing in property development, construction industry, wood base manufacturing and trading. From these perspective, TSB is focusing on more than one sector because it confidence in future business opportunities. Hence, Tiger Synergy Berhad can continue develop its business thru many sector.
Other than that, TSB is managed under an experience, capable and dynamic management team, which includes qualified professionals. The management group are form by the Directors and Senior Management of the company, and some of them has more than 15 years of "hands" on experience
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The company has two factories which are located in Sibu, Sarawak and Tawau, Sabah. It is one of the largest manufacturers in the Asia because around 90% of its products are export to others countries such as Taiwan, USA, Middle East, North Africa, Korea and many others. It products is famous in others country with the brand name of ‘Panda’. Eksons Corporation Berhad is one of the companies listed in the Bursa Malaysia. One of the reason that we choose Eksons is the company had reverse takeover in April 2000 when the company is facing downturn. This action may bring the company go to successful and the stock price of the company also will go up in the market. The investor will have more confident towards the company and willing to purchase more share on the company. So the company after that promoted as one the main board in Bursa Malaysia since…show more content…
Ekowood International Berhad
Ekowood is a home-grown brand which made its imprint on world map of engineered hardwood flooring. It has international presence and extensive market coverage and they are export 90% of the product to around 35 countries in the world. The subsidiaries and offices are located in United State, Spain, Luxembourg, France, Hong Kong and China.
Furthermore,they are the world-class manufacturer in the world and they try to operate its business with the latest Western European machineries and technology. They spend more than 30million dollars for the total investment in the production plant and it now has over 400 skilled and experienced employees. Recently, they are expanding the factory it enhance the capacity of the production to 2.7million sqm.
One of the reasons that we chose this company is that Ekowood is a popular amongst architects and interior designers in Malaysia and it has improvised a new design and new technology to invent in many prestigious projects and awarded in various continents.
On the other hand, ISO 9001:2000 has certified and undergone Ekowood with strictly testing to ensure that the condition of the operations is safe and lasting. The goodwill of this company is well-known in the world and due to the innovation and creativity it may attract a lot of investors for investing

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