Case Study: Timmy Newport

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It was a crisp morning on Newport Island, and Timmy Newport was chasing Dexter, the Newport family’s Golden Labrador. Tomorrow, Dexter would be turning 3 years old, but the Newport family had had him in their possession for about two and a half years. Timmy’s dad, Scott Newport, had found Dexter in the market one day in Miami. Miami was on the coast of Florida, and was an hour-long boat trip from Newport Island, there and back. Although Miami was only about four miles away from the Island, Scott was a good rower and could get there in about 30 minutes. Mr. Newport had to go to Miami Mondays through Fridays for work. Scott Newport worked as a fisherman who caught fish and sold them at the market. He didn’t have a boss, therefore he worked his…show more content…
Newport as he immediately walked over to the leash section, where there were as many leashes as the hair on a girl’s head. The leashes were big, small, personalized, red, blue, black, and even rainbow. There were many sections of the store, but the leash section was by far the biggest section of the store. Dexter had always worn a red leash, but just in case Dexter wanted to change, Mr. Newport would hold up a colored leash. Whichever one Dexter barked at the most, was the one Mr. Newport purchased. Scott held up a black collar, and Dexter did nothing. Then he held up a rainbow collar, and Dexter didn’t even flinch. After that, Mr. Newport held up a blue-collar, and Dexter barked like he was a police siren on a police car that blares when it speeds down the road to catch a criminal. Full of aghast was Mr. Newport’s expression on his face. Just to see if Dexter could bark any louder, Mr. Newport held up the red collar. When he did this, Dexter stood as idle as a cheetah when it stalks its…show more content…
He looked around, and he realized he was on a boat. After he looked around, even more, he saw Dexter and somebody else he didn’t know. “Where am I?,” he said to the person. “You are on my boat. I saw you faint, and I went over to check if you were okay. Then I brought you on my boat, and cleaned you up,” said this person. Mr. Newport hadn’t even noticed the ice pack on his head. “Thank you so much! Do you think you could maybe take me over there to my boat?,” said Mr. Newport pointing to his boat in the middle of the ocean. “Yeah, no problem. I was going to ride over there to see whose boat it was, and bring it back to the dock,” said the guy. When they were ready to go, Mr. Newport, made sure that Dexter was on the boat, because he didn’t want to lose him again. When they had reached their boat, Mr. Newport and Dexter hopped into the boat. Just as he had started to row back with Dexter, he looked back and asked the gentleman 's name. “It is Jacob,” said the man. “Well thank you, Jacob,” said Mr. Newport. “Anytime,” said Jacob. Thankfully, the rowboat had traveled closer to the island than Scott Newport had expected, which meant that he could now see the

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