Bbq Chicken Case Study

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Total Customer Satisfaction

BBQ Chicken is a business about people, to understand customer and to deliver total customer experience is crucial as it is able to sustain customer loyalty. The pressure of communization, globalization and market saturation in the develop country will easily affect the behaviour of the consumer.
The traditional marketing have focus on success of a product in the market place by physical aspect such as quantity, quality, functionality, availability, accessibility, delivery, price and customer support. (Oswald A. Mascarenhas, 2006). However, recently restaurant managers have aware that the importance of creating value of customer in the form of experiences. To carry out the strategy of total customer experience,
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At BBQ Chicken University, there will be a special course that focuses on training the restaurant staff in serving customer, from greetings to how to handle difficult customer, how to handle complaints and how to maintain long term relationship with customer. There will be also evaluation by time to time to the restaurant staff and continuous improvement in customer service to achieve maximum satisfaction level. ii) People development
Understand that listening skill and empathy is important in customer service, engaging with customer through a range of focus group and ongoing research traders, and also actively seek feedback on what is good or not so good. Such as comment and help scheme online and social media will make it easier to listen and respond to a large number of audiences in real time, through Facebook and Twitter. iii) Customer loyalty
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It has fostered a powerful identity by making the food and beverage industry concept into a virus and spending it out into the culture via a variety of channels which consumer experience, brand extensions with localize international identity. In a rapidly changing business environment and a high competition pressure. BBQ Chicken have to adopt new expansion strategies or diversified the existing in order to sustain its leading market position in an already establish food and beverage franchised market. The company must constantly adapt to the fast changing circumstances. It is consider that strategy formulation is a continuous improvement and learning process, which includes learning about the goals, the effect of the possible action towards these goals and how to implement and execute these
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