Case Study: Total Customer Satisfaction

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Total Customer Satisfaction BBQ Chicken is a business about people, to understand customer and to deliver total customer experience is crucial as it is able to sustain customer loyalty. The pressure of communization, globalization and market saturation in the develop country will easily affect the behaviour of the consumer. The traditional marketing have focus on success of a product in the market place by physical aspect such as quantity, quality, functionality, availability, accessibility, delivery, price and customer support. (Oswald A. Mascarenhas, 2006). However, recently restaurant managers have aware that the importance of creating value of customer in the form of experiences. To carry out the strategy of total customer experience, we must understand the customer’s journey, from their expectation towards the journey of total experience when it is over. Customer satisfaction is an important determinant of customer retention which has a very strong effect on profitability. (Reichheld, 1990) Customer Satisfaction Customer satisfaction is defined as meeting or exceeds customer expectation. (Malik, 2012). It is known that human mind is complex and unpredictable; however satisfied customer is the key for customer retention and long term profit. Determinant of Customer Satisfaction Food Quality and Taste This is the number one determining factor of customer satisfaction, and makes it stand out from competitor. BBQ Chicken has their own Chicken University that

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