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Toy World, Inc. as it name states is a company which focuses on the production of toys. The company was founded in 1973 by David Dunton and Jack McClintock entirely by their savings. As the company grew at a rapid speed, the partnership conveyed into an incorporation. Mr. Dunton was given the role of a president, until the point when he had to retire due to health issues. Therefore, in 1991 Mr. McClintock took over the role of Toy World´s president and employed Dan Hoffman, who became the production manager of the company. The company had a long-term debt at interest rate of over 9% and was planning to get another loan of about $2 million at an interest rate of 9%, which they are planning to repay within 30-day periods during the year. If…show more content…
McClintock should listen to Mr. Hoffman and use his suggestion. Why? How would level production contribute the company? Level production represents the use of labor and resource evenly over the whole year. Even though it seems that the costs would increase with the storage space needed, in fact the total costs will decrease. First, the finished toys are being produced at the same rate during the whole year. This automatically increases their production during the whole year, which causes a production surplus that has to be stored. Even though the store rooms represent a cost to the company, looking at the broader picture it will benefit Toy World´s a lot as it can be helpful in the period from August to December. As a result, this reflects a better picture to the bank. Furthermore, using the level production the stress level for the employees as well as the company can be decreased as everything will most likely go as planned. And in the end, the probability of producing damaged goods has been reduced. With all the productions and deliveries being as scheduled, the likeliness of their customers paying them in the 30-days frame should increase, and as a result improve their financial position. Looking at the exhibits provided by the case, Toy World´s would gain more profit with level production, $532,000, instead of the $351,000 profit with the seasonal production – which indeed represents an important increase. Finally, having a better financial position increases their likeliness of getting the wanted loan from the

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