Case Study: Trans-Caribbean Airways

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This paper will analyze the strategic issues that guided TB Majestic Air now known as Trans-Caribbean Airways business decisions. As a team, we integrated the findings of strategic, environmental, and core business function while providing input in our decision making and planning. We used the results from our Period 4 to reassess previous decisions such as increasing our budget from $7,500 to $10,000 and increasing our maintenance level from 2 to 3 to operate at an optimum level in accordance with the size of our fleet. Lastly, our team made a decision venture into joint-venture with a major airline that allows all of our market to be listed with their computerized reservations system and schedules, permits for better scheduling for our…show more content…
Our main Headquarters is located in Tampa, Florida with centrally located Hubs that will offer long and short nonstop flights to major cities in the country. Trans-Caribbean Airways services have a strong focus on satisfying our customers that will include business executives, vacationers, and frequent travelers by providing superb in-flight operations that include their meals, extra legroom, pillow, blankets, do not disturb signs, drinks, movies, laptops, tinted shutters for windows, etc. Trans-Caribbean Airways plans to meet the goals of our customers while analyzing the needs of its customers and predicting the market. Servicing all major cities in the country by providing an affordable, reliable, and customer friendly service to our esteemed customers is our top priority. With our experienced pilots, crew members, modern aircraft, and internal support teams our focus is to ensure customers reach their destination safely. Period 5…show more content…
In increasing our advertising budget, our goal is to inform and attract new customers about the new markets we will be servicing. The quality and training budget remained the same for this quarter. Our commitment to excellence led to the selection of level 3 maintenance. This would also help in getting the most efficient use out of our Aircraft. Quarter 6 Decisions: Trans-Caribbean Airways strategy had a positive impact on the company in the previous quarter decision. The main positive impact was the opportunity too dual-designate with a major carrier at our regional hub and renaming our airline to indicate our connection with the carrier. This quarter, our Social Responsibility Area will be going towards the Animal causes instead of Health and family care issues. The decision was made to accept a job offered by the CEO of a firm that involves making a trip to a small US border town. Rationale for Quarter 6 Decisions: Trans-Caribbean Airways decided to dual-designate with a major Airline carrier because it will allow us to get the benefits network of a major carrier route. It will also afford our customers unlimited travel network with other
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