Case Study Truss Construction Shop

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The Trouble with Truss Introduction Truss Construction Shop recently experienced several serious work and equipment related accidents within the current quarter. Multiple news sources and social media channels received word by displeased employees claiming that the company fails to provide safe working conditions for its workers and that the company will not take responsibility for the injuries that occurred. Due to this matter, Truss Construction Shop decided to perform an analysis of the obtained information in order to address the issues at hand, help the company abstain from the negative media light, and also, not run the risk of jeopardizing sales. Explanation of the Issue There are two distinct underlying causes that contribute to…show more content…
First off, it is important to consider how many of the company’s employees discussed the current dispute with the local newspaper and if the majority of employees voice the same opinions and concerns. It is also imperative to study the current safety and health conditions and policies of the company, as well as the depth of involvement to ensure those policies and procedures are upheld and enforced. Finally, and most importantly, the company needs to study how it can better serve and protect its employees while maintaining current production rates and sales. By referencing these three main topics during the analysis, Truss Construction Shop provides an insightful resolution for the issues at hand and ensures its employees are well taken care of and remain safe on the…show more content…
Truss Construction Shop is deciding to evaluate the safety and health of their shop is by using a Program Evaluation Profile, or PEP. This form, provided by OSHA, is used to “assess employer safety and health programs in general industry workplaces” (Program, 1996). Regardless of if the accident mishap is due to personnel issues, it is exceedingly important for companies to ensure workers are operating in a safe and protective environment. OHSA’s PEP evaluates a work center full circle. It contains six elements, to include management leadership and employee participation, workplace analysis, accident and record analysis, hazard prevention and control, emergency response, and safety and health training (Program, 1996). After evaluating each of these factors, a work center is given a score to reflect which areas are compliant, and which areas are non-compliant and require action to ensure proper health and safety (Program, 1996). By using this tool, Truss Construction Shop displays that efforts are in place to improve safe working conditions, in turn removing the company from the negative media
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