Case Study: Upstart Student Motor

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Upstart Student Motor is an auto-manufacturing firm and dealership Company that transact business operations globally by selling cars and trucks. Various companies face ethical dilemmas not only their choices but also how to counter their competitors. Prioritizing responsibility and ethical options enables the managers of the company to make wise decisions that satisfy immediate problems and facilitating long-term viability. Upstart Student Motor Company requires accountability and development of ethical intelligence in order to solve ethical dilemmas the Company is facing. The issues that surround the Company more especially the production whereby the Zinger automobile machine that is responsible for production of products in the Company had…show more content…
The firm requires clear communication that clearly represents the intention of the company to avoid irreparable harm to the firm. The introduction of the accounts and other professionals is apparently one of the components of developing auditing of the finances in the company. To add on that, firms are expected to provide fair working conditions for their employees majorly on labor costs and resource utilization. The provision of nondiscriminatory work environment enables the firm to gain more profits hence involving the employees into diversification of management and…show more content…
Qualitative and quantitative analysis entirely keeps the objectives clearly about the real needs of the firm by finding diverse sources of accomplishing the objectives. These techniques provide solutions to almost every area of the business through production, marketing, inventory as well as issues of finance in the firm. The dilemmas experienced in the Company require skilled personnel in order to handle the issues related to operation and finances. The implementation of essential actions and decision improves efficiency hence preventing risks. This can be achieved through training of the employees by minimizing and mitigating the irrational hence embracing the rational in the firm. Therefore, effective decision-making and actions in a company eliminates the discrepancy between actual and desired outcomes.

In moving forward, will you use feedback, concurrent or feed forward control to ensure the corrective action you have taken meets the new standards you have established. Provide at least one area from the case where you will compare standards to performance to identify
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