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Marketing has become one of the most important factors for a company to be able to implement. It could simply make or break the companies’ success. One company that uses marketing in a variety of ways is Vera Bradley. They create, communicate, and deliver value in a very well represented way. Vera Bradley’s mission states is, “To design, manufacture and internationally market a distinctive line of superior quality handbags, travel items, stationery, eyewear and accessories that convey the Vera Bradley image and unique lifestyle. Currently, we release new colors and styles each season.” Very Bradley sells to a large target market. In establishing their target market, they used mostly demographic. They wanted to attract females. However, the…show more content…
The marketing mix consists of product, price, promotion, and place. The product is very easy to identify. Vera Bradley has a variety of product ranging from luggage to purses to flip flops. The features these products have is a unique design and superior quality. The price of the product can differ based on what you are buying. The price usually depends on how large the product you are buying is. Vera Bradley does offer discounts on items that have a pattern that is not in season. They also have outlet stores where products are offered with deep discounts. Promotion is essential to Vera Bradley. They promote their product to a target market. They will hire salespeople who work at the Vera Bradley stores and are advertised internationally. The place of Very Bradley is very broad. It is sold in many cities. Sometimes, there will be a Vera Bradley section in a local store. They will often have a small selection of products. In larger cities, Vera Bradley will often have stores located in malls and shopping centers. This makes it easy for customers to purchase the product. However, the easiest would be to order the product online. If you know what pattern and what type of product you want, this provides the most…show more content…
Vera Bradley will use elements of a promotion mix. These elements are advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, and public relations. Advertising is paid and non-personal. Vera Bradley uses this technique in a many ways. They will often use print advertising to put adds in magazines. However, in doing this they will only pick consumer magazines that their target market will look at. For example, you may see a Vera Bradley add in a Home and Garden magazine rather than a magazine about cars. They also use a technique called product placement. The show Modern Family had Vera Bradley products in some of its episodes. This is an example of TV advertising. This will entice consumers who watch the show to go buy that product since it was seen on TV. Another example of product placement is sponsoring university sports team. For example, many university sprit squads would be given a Vera Bradley bag that they would use to travel. This would be seen by young girls and want a bag they the dancers had. The next element is sales promotions. Sales promotions are non-personal communication tools that will help simulate quicker and more frequent purchases of a company’s products. Vera Bradley uses this element to help produce a higher profit and get more consumers. For example, on time on the famous talk show, The Talk, every person in the audience received a free Vera Bradley gift cards. Other more common ways are promotional emails. A

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