Annotated Bibliography: Victory Over ADHD

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Source 1
Source: book
Title: Victory over ADHD
Author: Merlin, D.
Publisher: Healthy Living Publications
Place of publication: Summertown, Tenn
Year Published: 2009
Citation: Merlin D
Accessed: 20th February 2015
This source explains that food is good for all children. It stimulates the mind and helps with energy and concentration. The source also discusses how food should be taken in moderation but it also directly affects how a child thinks and feels. Food builds up the brain and helps children function in their everyday lives. We have to take in the right amount of foods, called the “five essential brain foods.” The source discusses how you have to control the amount of sugar a child is given. You have to try not introducing sugar to a
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The one twin Erik had very mild ADD and Wesley had out of control ADD. Wesley was so aggressive, his moods would be up and down, he would hit people badly, inflict pain on himself and throw furniture around the house, and Erik on the other hand only had concentration problems and struggled to sit still. As we have seen in the other sources artificial food and cosmetic colouring as well as toxic metals are a problem. Children that have ADD should not have this in their diet, colourings make the ADD medication worse and the side effects will become worse. Toxic metals affect the body and affect your mental health, may be slow for people who don’t have disorders but it effects ADD children a lot worse. ADD children are still normal people they just struggle with certain things and to different degrees. We shouldn’t kick them out of school or disregard them just because they have a problem. We have to be patient and work with them. Vaccinations are injections of live bacteria or viruses into a child with a weak immune system, but vaccinations can cause a problem for the…show more content…
Eating the right food can help with the ADD symptoms instead of making them worse or causing more medical problems. The foods that have had negative impacts on ADD children are: Artificial colours and preservatives, processed milk, wheat products such as whole grain, sugar, oranges and grapefruits, eggs and MSG. You would need to substitute into healthier foods in order to get a good reaction and can lessen the symptoms of ADD as well as the child being comfortable. There is something called the “Hero’s diet plan” which is nutritional plan just for ADD children. The only thing is that the whole family has to be on the diet, because otherwise it is not fair on the ADD child. Use food groups such as meat, chicken, fish, eggs, legumes, but only take in 2 servings daily. Fruit and vegetables, this is recommended at 5 servings daily. Milk substitutes (no animal milk) which is 3 servings daily. Whole grains such as breads and cereals which is 4 servings daily and fats should be used sparingly or not used at all. Keep the diet as healthy as possible, and you will see results. You also have to be patient and the whole family has to show support in order for your child to get better.
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