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5 Weight Management Dog Food Varieties for Your Large Breed Canine Pals

Don't be fooled by the cute roundness of a big chubby dog, obesity as a leading cause of death and disease in dogs isn't funny.

Large dog breeds in particular suffer more from obesity than other breeds due to their history of orthopedic diseases- diseases that are only exacerbated by any extra weight they will have to cart around. Naturally, as a caring pet parent, the last thing you want is for your loveable giant goofball of a dog to suffer from completely preventable health issues but what can be done? In a day and age where people are more attached to their big furry friends than ever the answer is not only clear but quick and easy. Diet dog foods, kibbles
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The nutritional composition of this food is 20% crude protein, 8% crude fat, and 5% fiber.

This formula of dog food contains omega rich avocado and avocado oil to promote coat and skin health.

This dog food is made in the USA

With almost five stars and over one thousand reviews on Amazon, this diet dog food is hard to miss for good reason. AvoDerm Natural Dog Food is formulated with a large quantity of healthy and natural ingredients that will make any dog owner feel good about feeding it to their beloved pet. In addition, for both weight loss and as a sign of transparency in the company, this dog food is one of the few that lists its caloric information on its packaging. A detail that will make managing your dogs diet that much easier.

Instinct Original Grain-Free Rabbit Meal Formula Natural Dry Dog Food

The formula of this dog food is rabbit meal.

This kibble variety is 100% grain free.

The nutritional composition of this food is 33% crude protein, 20% crude fat, and 5.5%
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This formula of dog food contains both biotin and omega-6 fatty acids to promote coat and skin health.

This formula contains glucosamine to promote joint health for larger dog breeds.

This dog food is manufactured in the USA.

Longtime veterans in the dog food market, Purina rises to the competition with this line of large breed diet dog food. Low fat and high protein already make this food an obvious potential diet choice for dogs without any other frills. Not to fall behind other brands, Purina Pro Plan contains glucosamine for often joint afflicted heavier large breeds.


Even for responsible pet owners weight gain can sneak up on a dog and cause all sorts of trouble. But rest assured, this trouble can be easily banished even for large dogs. With the huge market of weight managing dog food out there for large breeds, a healthy weight for your dog can be achievable just with one simple

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