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ASSOCIATE COUNCIL SEMINAR JUNE 22-25, 2017 COLUMBUS, OHIO Welcome to Columbus! On June 21, 1967, members of Fraternity Council, 24 Province Officers, and members of Kappa Headquarters staff gathered together in Columbus for the very first Associate Council Seminar. Ruth Lane, Boston, wrote in the Fall 1967 issue of The Key as the standing Director of Chapters: “The purpose of the seminar was to give the Associate Council members a clear understanding of their responsibilities, of their relationships to the Council and to each other and to their chapters, clubs and associations, and to brief them fully on the fraternity policies, thinking and specifics in their own fields. It provided the opportunity for the exchange of ideas and a chance to…show more content…
She completed her Ph.D. in Educational Policy, Planning, and Leadership with a Higher Education concentration and a Counseling cognate in 2006 and assumed her current position three years later. Dr. Ambler and her staff have primary responsibility for general student safety, student diversity programming and support, services for students with disabilities, student rights and responsibilities, the honor system, new student orientation, student organizations and activities, student government, leadership development, civic engagement, the conduct system, the student unions, campus residence halls, campus recreation and intramurals, career development, student health, counseling,…show more content…
Join us for an overview of today’s college students, their personal characteristics and how you can develop tactics for bridging the gap between yourself and the members of this generation. PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE OF KAPPA Facilitated by Fraternity Council Description: Kappa Kappa Gamma’s Fraternity Council has been hard at work on a new strategic plan. As a member of the international leadership of our organization, you will have a role to play in achieving this plan. In this session, we will discuss the process for development, new initiatives on the horizon, and how we work together to make this plan a reality. SATURDAY EDUCATIONAL SESSIONS NEW WAYS OF REPORTING Facilitated by Katherine Cianciotto, Denison, Director of Chapter Services; Barb Goettelman, Syracuse, Mu District Director; and Caity Meehan, Miami (FL), Risk Management Director.
Description: The new organizational structure gave Kappa a unique opportunity to re-evaluate midyear and annual reporting. In this session, Katherine Cianciotto, Denison, Director of Chapter Services, and members of the content and district teams will
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