Case Study: When A Homeless Man Refuses '

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Homeless Man Refuses


When a Homeless Man Refuses to Leave a Store, the Employees Call the Cops. Everyone Was Shocked When They Saw What the Officer Discovered.


Joe Flores was a talented police officer and genuinely cared about helping his community. When he got a call one night about a homeless man who refused to leave a local Lowe 's, he immediately drove to the seen. When he got there, he was completely stunned by what happened.


Officer Joe Flores was having a fairly normal day at work. He had just dropped his two children off at school and run a couple of errands. Now, it was time to start his long shift. He was doing the swing shift, so he would end up working until fairly late into the night.

The unusual hours did not bother Joe. He had joined the police force more than a decade ago. As a child, all he wanted to do was become a police officer. He had worked hard to join the force and was a respected part of the community.

While he loved his job, his personal life was not going nearly as well. Five years ago, his wife had passed away. The tragedy was only made more difficult by the fact that they had two children together. While his family tried to help, raising two young children as a single father was not easy. Luckily, they lived in a nice suburb where everyone knew everyone. If his family and the community had not been there to help out, he would have been completely lost.

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